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Our sectors of activity

Each market or segment of market has got its own requirements for performance, robustness, technicality or lightweight solutions.
The product and industrial constraints are well known by GREYSTAL and allows to propose to its customers
a whole range of services and products in accordance with the their requirements.

Our Work
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Our range of products

We develop customized solutions combining aluminium, glass, polycarbonate and intelligent mechanism.
Here is an overview of our different productions.

Our Service

Sliding systems

Sliding rails for doors, roofs, seats, connecting elements between chassis and moving elements, guide rails, etc.. ISO/TS 16949.

Aluminium structures

Assembled body structures, engine cradles, reinforcement front block, lightweight solutions, all types of structures (seats, partitions, etc..) ISO/TS16949/


Driver doors, passenger doors, entrance doors, locker doors. Perfect integration into the vehicle structure. Manual or electric opening.

Sliding windows

Ergonomy, high sealing quality, simple or double glazing, tempered or laminated glass, manual or electric opening. Defrosting option, reinforced security option. Possible customization (colors, silkprint, etc..)

Tropical windows

High insulation quality, light transmission adapted to tropical areas, perfect integration into the vehicle structure.

Flush window

Design and aero dynamics, perfect integration of the windows into the vehicule structure. Exterior flush appearance, invisible frames. Kinematic adapted to the vehicle : tilting, sliding, projecting. Single or double glazing, athermic, tinted, polarized, etc..

Innovative materials

Structures in aluminium and polycarbonate, lightweight solutions, high resistance, perfect integration into the vehicle structure (roofs, trapdoors, windows, partitions, etc..)

New technologies

Electric systems, electronic systems, automatism. On-board systems. Co-development.

Certifications & Quality

Greystal drives an ongoing policy of process improvments and fully quality commitment.
A new dimension has also been taken since GREYSTAL integrated the Environmental and Social Responsability (RSE).


Our Service

Independent French company

Created in 1933 and majority held by the Industrial Group VERDOSO.
Based in Montreuil-Bellay(49) in the Loire Valley. GREYSTAL has 200 employees and 55 000 m².

The plant is a fully integrated facility offering turnkey solutions around the activity of aluminium transformation.

From the design to the technical assistance to our customers for the first installation, GREYSTAL is present all over the world with its OEM and Tier 1.

Our Service


Complexe Industriel de Méron – BP 5 – rue de l’Expansion
49260 Montreuil-Bellay – France

+33 (0)2 41 40 10 40